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Choose Love Not Fear

I want to share an article I wrote for our local newspaper recently, in response to the multiple terror attacks. Choose Love Not Fear How do people of faith make sense of the horror of terrorism [Read More]


I often get asked if I think everyone in an organization should be an Edgewalker?  My answer is no.  An organization full of Edgewalkers would be chaotic.  Edgewalkers are the explorers and bridge [Read More]

Edgewalkers as Visionaries

Each month I host an open teleconference on some topic of interest to Edgewalkers.  The purpose of these teleconferences is to help grow our Edgewalker community and to support and inspire people who [Read More]

Liminal Time

I have never seen times as uncertain as these. I lived through the sixties, and there was an uncertainty, but there was also such a sense of hope and creativity. Something is different about the mood [Read More]