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Edgewalkers are people who walk between worlds, and build bridges between different world views.  Edgewalkers are needed in today's world more than ever.  Please come back often to learn about the resources and events we offer to support you in walking on the leading edge.

            (Photo courtesy of Janet Dey)

EDGEWALKERS:  We are a community of people who identify ourselves as Global Humans.  Our Edgewalker Collaborative Network is a common space where people come together to co-create a world that works for all.

EDGEWALKER TELECONFERENCES: We are putting our monthly Edgewalker teleconferences on temporary hold so that we have the time to spend on developing our new Edgewalker online course.  See below for recordings of past teleconferences.


Recording of December 19, 2013 Call - Light and Energy

Recording of November 21, 2013 Call -

Sharon Massoth on Intuition

Recording of September 19, 2013 Call - Marketing & Networking

Marketing and Networking article by Patricia Varley

Recording of August 29, 2013 Call - Focusing
Notes from August 29, 2013 Call - Focusing

Recording of November 15 , 2012  call - Prophecy

Recording of May 24, 2012 call - Miracles

Recording of May 3, 2012 call - Visionaries

Recording of March 22, 2012 call - Planting Seeds

     Quotes used for opening and closing.

Recording of February 23, 2012 call - Occupy - Edgewalkers?

Recording of January 26, 2012 call -  Corporate Shamanism

Recording of September 20, 2011 call - Transformation

Recording of August 30, 2011 call -Indigenous Wisdom

Notes from July 19, 2011 phone call



Judi Neal

The Book:

They're the first people to volunteer to head up a new business unit, lead a cross-company initiative, or take on an overseas assignment. They're the glass half-full folks, who are constantly thinking "out of the box," forging alliances with colleagues in other departments, seeking out new solutions to old problems, and anticipating challenges on the horizon. And in today's increasingly diverse workplaces, they are often people who have pursued unusual educational and career paths, traveled widely, and speak more than one language. 



Are You an Edgewalker? 

There are five Qualities of Being that are inherent in people who are on the leading edge.  Everyone has these qualities to some degree, but they are more defined in Edgewalkers.  These five qualities are:

1.  Self-awareness

2.  Passion

3.  Integrity

4.  Vision

5.  Playfulness

Edgewalkers are also very skillful in the following five areas:

1.  Knowing the future

2.  Risk-taking

3.  Manifesting

4.  Focusing

5.  Connecting

We have created the Edgewalker Survey that provides a profile to employees and coaching clients about the level of the five Qualities of Being and the five Edgewalker Skills.  Contact us for more information.

Click here for a simple Edgewalker Checklist.


Edgewalker Retreats

Maui, HI

March 6-8, 2015

London, UK

April 2015

International Conference on Creativity and Spirituality

Barcelona, Spain

April 23-25

Dubai, UAE

April 2015

Contact us for location details


Edgewalker Calendar



Edgewalker Profile Certification Webinar

Learn to use and interpret the Edgewalker Profile with your clients and become a certified provider.

Edgewalker Profile Certification Brochure

Next Profile Certification Class - April 21, 2014

April 26 , 2011

Judi Neal interviewed by Daryl Conner on Change Thinking

December 6, 2009

Edgewalker Leadership Panel presented at the International Association for Management, Spirituality and Religion Conference

Vienna, Austria

February 17, 2009

Edgewalker Pilot Test Survey results released. Click here for Summary Report. .

December 16 , 2008

Judi Neal was interviewed by host Don Phin.  A recording is available on the
HR That Works

View the associated Powerpoint Presentation

December 11 , 2008

Judi Neal was interviewed by Les Lovoy of WBHM (an NPR station) on

Considering Faith:  Religion in the Workplace


November 12, 2008

Judi Neal was interviewed by host Abby Straus.  A recording is available on the Coaching Commons


May 16, 2007

Lance Giroux

Interviews Judi Neal

March 30, 2007

Edgewalkers is focus of
Embracing the Journey

Radio Show

Edgewalker Endorsements