Walking on the leading edge
Building bridges between different paradigms
Creating what has never been created before
Integrating positive change in the world


Edgewalkers have a presence about them that is a natural element of who they are as human beings. This presence is part of their essence and can be developed and honed through conscious attention.


There are five Edgewalker Skills that can be
developed step-by-step through training,
attention and practice.


There are five Orientations
that people and organizations may take,
depending on the situation.



What are your qualities and skills as an Edgewalker? Is your team an Edgewalker team? Is your organization equipped to integrate planned and unpredictable change as it unfolds? Our assessment tools can help you answer these questions.



Are you looking for more support for your Edgewalker journey? We provide certified coaches to individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are committed to integrating their inner and outer lives.



Edgewalkers usually feel like they are on the fringe or margins of the system, and occasionally long to gather with other like-minded people. Join us for one of our “Walking on the Leading Edge” public programs, or contact us to custom design an event for your team or organization.



Do you feel called to make the Edgewalker work more a part of what you do in the world? We have several levels and types of certification programs.

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